WissensDurst Festival 2017

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In May 2017 I co-organized a part of the Austrian WissensDurst (“thirst for knowledge”) festival. The aim of the festival is to make academic research accessible to the public by offering talks in pubs or bars. The speakers were mostly university professors and the event was organized by students.

The event happened on three consecutive days in four locations in Innsbruck as well as two in Vienna and one in Salzburg. Each evening, one or two talks were held and there was space for questions and exchange.

Together with a fellow student, I was responsible for keeping contact with five speakers and doing moderation on the three evenings. That included explaining the event, announcing the speakers and leading the discussions. We also made quizzes for two evenings that could be filled out during the break. In addition, I also took pictures that can now be found on the website.

More information about WissensDurst: www.wissensdurst-festival.at

WissensDurst Festival (c) Mario Löscher